Our psychologists are associated with the Krasner Clinic at Stony Brook. Their role includes evaluating your understanding of your proposed surgical procedure and assessing your motivation to follow postsurgical instructions and make lifestyle changes. Our psychologists also sponsor pre- and post-surgical groups designed to help participants identify barriers to adhering to exercise and diet requirements; overcome these barriers and implement lifestyle changes; adjust food relationships and change responses to emotional needs, social situations and environmental issues; and conquer psychological and emotional challenges following surgery.

Genna Hymowitz, PhD Genna Hymowitz, PhD, Clinical Assistant Professor, Departments of Psychology, Psychiatry & Surgery, Director Behavioral Medicine Program, L. Krasner Psychological Center, Department of Psychology, Stony Brook University

Dr. Hymowitz is a clinical psychologist at Stony Brook University. In her clinical roles at the Bariatric and Metabolic Weight Loss Center and the L. Krasner Psychological Center, Dr. Hymowitz conducts behavioral medicine assessments, provides individual and group psychological treatment to patients pre and post bariatric surgery, and provides consultation with regard to the overall psychological care of bariatric surgery patients.  Dr. Hymowitz also provides individual and group evidence-based interventions for weight management, smoking cessation, chronic pain, insomnia, and depression and anxiety related to chronic medical illnesses.  Additionally, Dr. Hymowitz provides clinical supervision, instruction, and training to doctoral students in the Stony Brook University Clinical Psychology Doctoral Program, and to advanced graduate students from clinical and school psychology programs throughout the Long Island and New York City areas. Dr. Hymowitz's research focuses on psychological factors impacting physical symptoms and on cognitive biases in obesity and gastrointestinal motility disorders.

A team of advanced doctoral students in the Krasner Psychological Center Behavioral Medicine Externship program works directly with Dr. Hymowitz.  These trainees have acquired specialized skills in conducting pre-bariatric surgery psychological evaluations, and providing psychological interventions to patients pre and post bariatric surgery.