Dedicated Bariatric Surgery Unit

The Bariatric and Metabolic Weight Loss Center has its own dedicated patient unit located on Stony Brook University Hospital’s ninth floor. Opened in 2012, the unit reflects Stony Brook's commitment to helping bariatric surgery patients feel comfortable, recover faster, experience a smoother stay and receive the highest quality care. The bariatric unit offers customized furnishing and equipment designed to accommodate the specific needs of patients receiving weight loss surgery:

- Spacious accommodations designed to provide more room to get up and start walking, allowing for a quicker recovery time.

- Attractive beds and chairs sized for the comfort of larger patients

- Glass-tiled bathrooms spa-like in design and equipped with larger showers and high-quality, safety-conscious grab bars and fixtures

- Lift systems and air-inflated hover mats for safe and easy transfer to a bed or gurney

As part of Stony Brook University Hospital, the unit also offers access to the full range of Stony Brook’s expertise, services, technology and facilities. Stony Brook is the only academic medical center on Long Island, and a regional referral center for patients with complex medical needs. Stony Brook physicians also teach the next generation of doctors and are leaders in researching new techniques, technologies and treatments. This intense level of care is especially reassuring to patients whose medical conditions may be complex or involve multiple co-morbidities, that is, diseases or disorders related to being substantially overweight.

Our new customized room for bariatric patients
Stony Brook's new private bariatric inpatient rooms are furnished with special beds and chairs sized for comfort. These spacious accommodations are designed to provide patients with more room to get up and start walking, allowing for a quicker recovery time.