Excellent Outcomes

Experience is the foundation for excellence in surgery, as it is of most complex activities. That is why surgical volumes — the number of times a doctor has performed particular procedures — are a predictor of excellent outcomes in surgery.

Our surgeons' statistics back this up. Collectively having more than 4,000 surgical cases under their belts, including more than 1,800 primary bariatric procedures they themselves have performed, these surgeons maintain an impeccable record of excellent bariatric surgical outcomes and minimal complication rates at Stony Brook.

Stony Brook’s statistics far exceed national averages and in fact are some of the best reported in the country. Some of these outcomes listed below are compared to those reported nationally. Stony Brook’s statistics include a 30-day mortality for primary bariatric procedures of under 0.1 percent. The program’s complication rates for gastric bypass, listed below, are exceptionally low compared to those reported nationally.

 Our Roux-en-Y
Gastric BypassOutcomes
1 Year Excess Weight Loss 75%68%
Conversion to Open2.6 % 
Arrhythmia0.9 % 
Gastrointestinal Leak0.6 %1.4%
Wound Infection0.2 %0.5%
DVT/PE (Blood Clot)0.2 %0.3%
Death0.1 %0.5%
Internal Hernia0.1 % 
MI (Heart Attack)0.1% 
Trouble Breathing0.1%0.7 %